Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Crack Rock Steadiest

"They first started out under the name of 'No Commercial Value' in 1990 when Scott Sturgeon aka The Stza & Alec Shaheed Mohamed met each other in High School in New York. They found that they shared musical tastes and started a band. Alec played the bass while Stza was on guitar and singing, they also had an extra female vocalist and a drummer. No Commercial Value broke up in 1993 with one 8 song demo recording under their belt. No Commercial Value was the more Ska influenced of the bands.

Alec had decided to start a band called Agent 99 while Stza went to form the more successful 'Choking Victim' along with Jon Bon Dolan, then they acquired additional band members such as Skwert as the drummer (Jon quit) and Sasha Dubrul on Bass. Eventually Sasha quit after recording 'Crack Rock Steady EP' & Demo and Alec returned to hail the thick strings, after recording 'Squatter's Paradise' he got kicked out and 'Pezent' Shayne became the bassist, and as the cycle goes he got kicked out to allow Alec to return once more, then Shayne was allowed back in Choking Victim and became their bass player until the end.

Stza then met Ezra aka Tryla G. and asked him to join as Choking Victim's second guitarist and back up vocalist. Choking Victim then hit the big time when they were asked to join Hell Cat after popular demand for their contribution to the Hell Cat's 'Give 'em the boot' compilation with the song 'Infested'. They recorded their debut 'No Gods/No Managers' in 1999, right before they broke up.

All in all they managed to record a demo titled 'Crack Rock Steady', two 7"; 'Squattas Paradise' & 'Victim Comes Alive', two EPs; 'Crack Rock Steady' & 'Squattas Paradise/Crack Rock Steady'.

After the break up of Choking Victim The Stza and Ezra decide to start a band called Leftover Crack, and they recruited good ol' Alec to be their bass player (permanently this time), they also hooked up with ex-Agent 99 drummer, Ara Babajian. They once again acquired fame from 'Give 'em the boot', when they had 'Crack City Rockers' placed in 'Give 'em the boot II' and then they recorded 'Mediocre Generica' in 2001. After Mediocre Generica Ara quit the band and made space for JP, their current drummer.

Leftover Crack also made an additional version of Leftover Crack called Crack Rock Steady 7 which has all the members of Leftover Crack, plus three others. Crack Rock Steady 7 recorded 'Baby Jesus, Sliced Up In The Manger' split with F-Minus for Hell Bent Records in 2001.

Proof that these guys really have a passion for music itself, is their inability to stay still in the conformist world of band starting. So far the busiest member has been Ezra, who has started great bands such as InDK & Morning Glory. InDK went for a more pop punk kind of sound but broke up pretty quick with one Demo, one EP and one full length called 'Kill Whitey'. Morning Glory is still around and sports members from many great bands, including JP from Leftover Crack. And ex-Choking Victim drummer, Skwert, started American Distress where he sings instead of playing drums."

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